Android phones sharing your texts and phone calls with Facebook

Another day, another Facebook gaff. This time people are discovering that on Android phones Facebook kept track off all your texts and phone calls in the name of engagement.
This is a two part problem.
(1) Android allows apps to request access to pretty everything that you do on your phone. If you don’t agree to the apps requested permissions you can’t use the App. Hundreds (thousands?) of Android apps ask you questionable access to sensitive information in exchange for permission to use the app.
(2) Facebook is a data collection company. As Android allows them to collect as much information as possible they went ahead and did so in the Facebook app. On newer versions of Android, users have to give permission for the app to access this information. So users have agreed to this information being collected.
Users need to decide if their loss of privacy is really worth the access to Facebook apps.

Android phone users, Facebook was tracking your calls and texts

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