The unfortunate rise of stalking apps

With the pervasivness of smart phones, apps to stalk your usage and location were, unfortunately, inevitable. Some go so far as to market they are useful to find out if your spouse/significant other is cheating on you. These apps should not exist and any that market themselves to spy on your spouse should be instantly banned. There is no justification for stalking someone with their own phone.
There is a clear winner on the phone type to use if you don’t want to be stalked. Apple policies and the OS structure outright block apps from accessing certain data to lessen (but not completely block), stalking potential. (Apps can know your GPS location easily. But they cannot easily read your texts or emails.) Android is the wild west of apps where you can install apps that intentionally can hide themselves from a users. As apps can ask for, and receive access to pretty everything on your phone (texts, emails, location), the potential to stalk is significant. Worse, it is difficult to impossible for average users to know what is actually running on their phone.

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